Who We Are

For seventy years, SKS has delivered aluminum and zinc die casting, machining, and finishing company furnishing complete components to all segments of industry. In operation since 1946, SKS enjoys an outstanding reputation of expert engineering, superior process/quality control, and prompt deliveries. In a typical year, the company serves 80 different customers and produces over 500 different parts. . Every component is manufactured to each customer’s specific design and specification. The production volume for each component can vary from several hundred to several hundred thousand parts.

Our Approach

SKS specializes in adapting precision-machined components to die casting production. Using statistical process-control techniques, we fulfill individual parts specification by developing the die casting process and machining/finishing procedures so that the required quality level of the part is met within the manufacturing operation. Subsequent inspection/quality control check points are employed on an AQL basis.

Successful, Innovative Results

Using skillful engineering CAD design to meet specific customer requirements, SKS achieves standards of quality and precision that were previously thought to be unattainable with diecasting, including:
• metal soundness
• machined dimensional tolerance controlled to 0.0002 inches
• exceptional surface finishes

Our Facilities

SKS is headquartered in Alameda, California, the site of our die casting machining facility. Altogether, SKS has over 75,000 square feet of manufacturing area; we employ up to 75 production personnel on two shifts. SKS makes use of the most technologically advanced die casting and machining equipment available, together with complete in house design/engineering.

For high volume, SKS has available our Joint Venture China Operation which produces high quality low cost precision parts for many industrial applications. SKS has been operating in China for over 30 years. We unconditionally guarantee the quality of the parts and tooling

We can offer three (3) options to our customers:

1. Build the tooling and the parts in the US.
2. Build the tooling in China and produce the parts in the US.
3. Build the tooling and the parts in China.