Close up detail of an aluminum alloy casting for use in the aerospace industry

Thin Wall Die Casting for Aluminum

The advantages of Thin Wall Die Casting:

  • Net shape part configuration is achievable.
  • High dimensional accuracy is achievable.
  • Fast production.
  • Thinner walls are achievable when compared to investment casting.
  • Wide range of possible shapes.
  • External threads can be casted.
  • Holes can be cored to internal tap drill size.

The disadvantages of Thin Wall Die Casting:

  • A relatively large production volume is required to make the process cost-effective. (However, SKS would work with customers ways to mitigate this shortcoming.)
  • High initial cost (tool, set up).
  • Minimum wall thickness: 0.040" for small parts.
  • Maximum wall thickness: 0.200". In some cases acceptable up to 0.50".
  • Draft radii and fillets required on the casting.
  • Potential porosity issue.