Close up detail of an aluminum alloy casting for use in the aerospace industry

Thin Wall Die Casting for Lightweight, Complex Aluminum Parts

Aluminum thin wall die casting is a manufacturing process that generates parts that provide superior strength-to-weight ratios when compared to parts produced through other manufacturing methods. Aluminum die thin wall casting is also an efficient and economical process that can create a nearly unlimited amount of unique product shapes and sizes for industries throughout the world. Aluminum thin walled casts are also commonly used to supplement the aesthetic appeal of its surrounding part.

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Aluminum Thin Wall Die Casting Services

Aluminum thin walled die casting creates lighter parts that provide excellent strength-to-weight ratios. There are also numerous other advantages and disadvantages associated with aluminum thin wall casting methods, including:

Other Thin-Walled Advantages:

• Net shape part configuration is achievable.
• High dimensional accuracy is achievable.
• Fast production.
• Thinner walls are achievable when compared to investment casting.
• Wide range of possible shapes.
• External threads can be cast.
• Holes can be cored to internal tap drill size.

Thin-Walled Disadvantages:

• A relatively large production volume is required to make the process cost-effective. (However, SKS would work with customers ways to mitigate this shortcoming.)
• High initial cost (tool, set up).
• Minimum wall thickness: 0.040" for small parts.
• Maximum wall thickness: 0.200". In some cases, acceptable up to 0.50".
• Draft radii and fillets required on the casting.
• Potential porosity issue.

Thin Wall Die Casting Applications

Aluminum-based thin wall casting is used by a broad range of industries throughout the world to manufacture parts and components that possess beneficial qualities that customers enjoy. Some of the industries that utilize thin wall casting include:

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