Entrance to MEC China campus buildings, where SKS Die Casting has a joint venture for high volume production.

Joint Venture in China for High Volume Die Casting

For high volume production, SKS has a joint venture partnership with a China facility which produces high quality, low-cost precision parts for many industrial applications. SKS has been operating in China since 1986.

Our China facility is located in Zhuhai, an industrial zone/port neighbor to Hong Kong. In 2017, we relocated the China facility to a new 3.7-acre industrial campus site. A stand-alone building of over 48,000 square feet houses mold making, die casting, metal analysis lab, and deburring operations.

The main building has four stories with a total area of over 120,000 square feet (each floor is over 30,000 sq. feet). It houses the CNC operation, QC, an automated NCP operation (meets RoHS requirement), an anodization line, painting and powder coating lines, engineering, and the rest of the business operation offices.

Curious to Know More About Our International Facilities?

Please reach out to SKS Die Casting to learn more about our joint venture partnership in China for high volume production. You can email us a quick question or speak with one of our team members by calling us at 510-523-2541.


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