Die Cast Surface Finishes

After an aluminum or zinc die cast is completed, surface finishes such as Alodine, anodize, powder coating, NCP, E-coating, electroless nickel plating, impregnation, or cerakote can be considered. Surface finishing is a secondary service that provides significant benefits to die cast or CNC machined parts. Surface finishes provide your part with an increased cosmetic appeal, protection from corrosion, and surface porosity sealing.

In the market for high-quality surface finishes for aluminum or zinc die cast parts? SKS provides various premium surface finishes to meet your project needs. Contact SKS Die Casting or Request a Quote to complete your die cast project with top-tier surface finishes today.

Does Your Die Cast Require a Surface Finish?

Most die cast parts require a surface finish. However, some applications are better served without adding a surface finish. Certain specialty alloys can be used in the die casting process that may meet or exceed specifications, but this depends on several factors, such as budget, timing, or application requirements. An SKS surface coating expert will work with you to ensure all aspects are considered before production.

Die Cast Surface Finishing Options

SKS has decades of experience providing customer's a wide variety of coatings and finishes for their metal die cast components. Our team of highly skilled surface finishing professionals can provide you with a surface finish that meets your project specifications. Aluminum and zinc surface finish options include:

  • Alodine – Used to passivate aluminum and zinc die casting components. Alodine is used as a corrosion inhibitor, primer, decorative finish, or to retain electrical conductivity.
  • Anodize – Increases thickness of the natural oxide layer on the component's surface, increasing corrosion and wear resistance and better adhesion for paint primers and glues than bare metal.
  • Powder Coating (PC) – Applied electrostatically as a free-flowing, dry powder. It is primarily used to create a more rigid hard finish than conventional paint.
  • NCP (comply with RoHS requirement) – Commonly used within immersion bath processes for the complete coating of aluminum parts, NCP is a non-chromium conversion coating for aluminum substrates.
  • E-coating – Employs charged particles to paint a workpiece using standard spraying methods. It is then accelerated toward the workpiece by a powerful electrostatic charge. The coating color is restricted to either black or white and adheres extremely well.
  • Electroless Nickel plating – Produces an auto-catalytic reaction to deposit a nickel coating on aluminum die casted substrates. This process prevents corrosion and wear, is free from flux-density and power supply issues, and provides an even deposit regardless of workpiece geometry.
  • Cerakote – A ceramic-based aluminum die casting surface finish that prevents premature wear and corrosion by increasing the hardness of the metal surface. Cerakote is often used to protect the finish of firearms and other high-quality metal surfaces.
  • Impregnation (for sealing surface porosity) – When used before applying a surface finish, impregnation ensures that there is no porosity and spotting that could develop from outgassing, chemical compatibility, or bleeding out of pretreatments.

Select Your Die Cast Surface Finish

Scroll through SKS’ most popular surface finishes. No matter the application, we can provide you with a surface coating that meets your project specifications.

Die Cast Surface Finishes for Increased Protection and Aesthetic Appeal

In the market for a premium surface finish for your aluminum or zinc die cast part? SKS provides the highest-quality aluminum, and zinc alloy surface finishes available. Contact us at 510-523-2541 for more information or request a quote for specific pricing today.