Die Casting Mold Development

Machining process of die-cast parts must be considered well before any order for the tooling is released. A careful evaluation of machined requirements can lead to redesign for net shape die-casting or near-net shape with reduced number of operations.

Factors contributing to Quality Mold Design

  • First Class Engineering, die cast tools design in house. Manage and oversee all aspects of tooling by SKS.
  • Developing injection process parameters: gate size, location, feeding speed, fill time, injection pressure, press size.
  • Parting line, runner, overflows, venting, cooling.
  • Minimum and Maximum wall thickness.
  • Choice of the mold material and hardness based on mold forces calculation.
  • Superior or Premium Grade H13, Uddeholm Orvar or Dievar.
  • Flow simulation.
  • Draft, radii, filets.
  • Establishing machining stock.
  • Utilization of both domestic and overseas tooling suppliers.

Additional considerations have to be given to the following requirements:

  • Gate calculation, feeding speed and fill time.
  • Press size, clamping forces calculation.
  • Shot sleeve choice and calculation.
  • Venting and overflows.
  • Establishing cast and technological Datums
  • Establishing machining stock.