Quality Assurance

SKS is a certified ISO9001-2015 manufacturer. It has been operating under many companies' specific die casting quality standards in addition to Quality System per MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Q-9858.

The following questions are the most frequently asked by companies conducting quality audits.

Q1. Briefly describe, in outline form, the strategic plan and the various elements of your quality program.

Answer: The Quality Management System (QMS) of SKS is certified to the current ISO quality standard. The QMS documents SKS’ established Mission, philosophy, Company goals and objectives, policies, process owner responsibilities, SOP’s, Work Instructions. A feature of the QMS is the measures taken to ensure self-correction and continual improvement. SKS’ Quality Policy and Strategy are:

  1. To provide products and services which: - Conform to all customer-specified requirements. - Meet or exceed applicable industry die casting standards when not covered by customer specifications.
  2. To meet all aspects of each customers drawings and specifications by instituting an appropriate quality plan. The plan must be designed to maintain and verify product quality by inspections and process controls at critical checkpoints in the manufacturing cycle. Emphasis will be placed on functional gauging, process control methods, and final inspection techniques to the customer’s established AQL values.

Q2. What are your strategies for reducing process variation?

Answer:  SKS has a four-step program:

  1. Design a quality plan for each product in conjunction with and parallel to the manufacturing process to identify the key control points in the cycle.
  2. Apply the most appropriate quality techniques at each checkpoint to measure and ensure that quality level will be controlled within set limits.
  3. Train the operating personnel on how to implement the plan.
  4. Monitor the result to identify variations. Apply “Cause and Corrective” action methods where required to bring the variations under control within the set limits.

Q3. Outline existing quality goals including specific benchmarks such as capability indices, PPM, etc.

Answer:  Our current quality goals are to:

  1. Maintain the integrity of the existing program.
  2. Improve the existing quality effort by expanding personnel training, applying new techniques, and adding equipment.

Q4. Briefly describe any quality-related requirements that you place on your suppliers.

Answer: SKS uses the “pass-through” method – that is all the requirements of our customers are applied to our suppliers.

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We hope that the responses to the above questions will provide sufficient information regarding our approach to quality assurance. Contact us and we will be pleased to forward any additional information which you may require.

Please contact sales@sksdiecasting.com, or call Chris Keating (VP & Quality Manager) at 510-523-2541.