Die Casting and Machining Capabilities

SKS is a die casting company, supplying precision machined and finished complete components to a wide variety of industries, from aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, medical, and many other innovative high tech startups.

In operation since 1945, SKS enjoys an outstanding reputation for expert engineering, design for manufacturability, superior process/quality control, and prompt deliveries.

In a typical year, the company serves 80 different customers and produces over 500 different parts during the year. Every component is manufactured to each customer’s specific design and specification. The production volume for each component can vary from several hundred to several hundred thousand parts. Contact SKS Die Casting for more information on our finished Die Cast components or Request a Quote today.

Our Approach to the Die Casting Process 

SKS specializes in adapting precision-machined components to high quality and low cost die casting production parts. Using techniques in design for manufacturability, we fulfill individual parts specifications by developing the die casting process and machining/finishing procedures so that the required quality level of the component is met within the manufacturing operation. The deployment of a robust quality plan from raw materials to the delivery of products to the customer’s receiving dock (from gate to gate) would ensure meeting SKS' goal of customer satisfaction.

Successful and Innovative Results for Die Casting

Using skillful engineering CAD design to meet specific customer requirements, SKS achieves NADCA die casting standards of quality and precision that were previously thought to be unattainable with die casting, 


  • Metal soundness
  • Machined dimensional tolerance controlled to 0.0002”
  • Exceptional surface finishes
  • Meets customer-specified leak proof requirement

Contact an Engineer to Get Started Today

Read more about our die casting mold development or contact an engineer to start your project today. We can also be reached by phone at 510-523-2541 or email at sales@sksdiecasting.com.


SKS is your premier manufacturing source for die cast machining since 1945.