Hot Chamber Die Casting Services

Hot chamber die casting machines are primarily used for zinc alloys, copper, lead, and other low melting point alloys.

Illustration of a hot chamber die casting machine, with the following components labeled: Casting, clamping unit, die assembly, injection unit, molten metal, and furnace

The Hot Chamber Die Casting Process

The injection mechanism of a hot chamber machine is immersed in a molten metal bath of a metal holding furnace. The furnace is attached to the machine by a metal feeding system called the gooseneck.

As the injection cylinder plunger rises, a port in the injection cylinder opens allowing the molten metal to fill the cylinder. As the plunger moves downward, it seals the port and forces metal to fill the cavity through the gooseneck and nozzle to the die cavity.

After the metal has solidified in the cavity, the plunger is withdrawn. The die opens and the casting ejected.

SKS Die Casting Can Help with Low Melting Point Alloys

If you have a project that uses low melting point alloys, SKS may be able to help. Depending on the demands of your application, SKS Die Casting may use cold chamber die casting in place of the hot chamber casting process.

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