SKS Adheres to the NADCA Die Casting Standards

SKS is a member of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). As a current member, we adhere to NADCA Product Specification Standards for Die Casting Aluminum, Aluminum-MMC, copper, magnesium, Zinc, and ZA Alloys.

NADCA Die Casting Industry Standards & Specifications

What are NADCA Standards?

The NADCA die casting standards were designed and developed to ensure proper standard and precision tolerances. Standard and precision tolerances cover many dimensional categories, including draft, flatness, concentricity, moving die components, linear dimensions, parting lines, cored holes, and angularity.

NADCA die casting standards relate to product specifications, the type of metal alloy, and specific factors of the casting, like size and length, determine the tolerance standards.

Standard Tolerances

Standard tolerances consist of fit, form, and function and can be achieved using good manufacturing practices with normal levels of inspection, die life, and die maintenance. Standard tolerances provide a greater range of out-of-tolerance parts while requiring particular specifications.

Precision Tolerances

Precision tolerances are achieved using precise and accurate tooling development while displaying a persistent focus on process control. Maintaining precision tolerances during production positively impacts scrap rate, cycle time, inspection time, die life, and die maintenance costs. Precision tolerances can be achieved but are costlier and require more frequent tooling replacement.

NADCA Standards for Aluminum Die Casting

NADCA die casting standards and tolerances are digested into the following segments:

  • Process and Material Selection for Product Recyclability
  • Tooling for Die Casting
  • Alloy Data
  • Engineering & Die Casting
  • Quality Assurance
  • Commercial Practices
  • Casting Examples
  • Index/Glossary of Die Casting Terms

SKS Adheres to the NADCA Aluminum Die Casting Standards of Excellence

As a direct supplier of precision machined and finished complete components to all segments of the aerospace, semiconductor, automotive, and medical industries, SKS observes all NADCA die casting standards. We fulfill individual parts specifications by developing the die casting process and machining/finishing procedures so that the required quality level of the component is met within the manufacturing operation. Additionally, SKS utilizes only the most current and technologically advanced die casting, tooling, and CNC machines and equipment to produce high quality die cast parts.

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