Engineering – Mold Development

SKS uses the latest CAD/CAM software to take drawings in any format and design a tool that is able to hold tight tolerances with practically no machining. SKS works closely with tool makers to reduce the lead time and lessen the expense of the customer.

SKS engineering design experts will support all your needs. including:

  • Die casting aluminum or zinc metal selection
  • Design improvements
  • Die casting prototypes
  • Mold flow analysis
  • Die casting molds
  • Die casting tolerances
  • Machining and fixtures
  • Surface finishing and assembly

Most die cast parts are specified as replacements for machined parts or other casting methods, typically achieving significant cost savings through faster production and/or eliminating secondary operations such as milling, drilling, and mechanical fastening. Machining process of die-cast parts must be considered well before any order for the tooling is released. A careful evaluation of machined requirements can lead to redesign for net shape die-casting or near-net shape with reduced number of operations. See examples below:

Engineering Equipment List