• The secondary finishes shown, are common finishes by our customers. However, SKS will gladly quote other finishes upon request.

Non Chrome Passivate (NCP)

IRIDITE NCP, Non Chrome Passivate, is the process developed in response to the ELV, RoHS, and WEEE directives. The IRIDITE NCP does not contain Lead, Cadmium, Chromium (hexavalent or trivalent), Mercury, or PBB/PBDE compounds. IRIDITE NCP is an environmentally- friendly chemical process that produces a protective conversion coating on aluminum and its alloys. The coating can be used as a finial finish, but can also serve as a base for paints, high performance topcoats, powder coats, lacquers, or as a base for rubber bonding. In addition, itt can be used in conjunction with masking of an anodized finish for conductivity properties. IRIDITE NCP coating color is always a clear coat.


  • Conversion Coatings are Economical
  • Easy to use and offers a variety of valuable properties to extend the service life of parts
  • Minimizes Surface Oxidation of Aluminum Parts
  • Very Thin Coating: No Dimensional Change
  • Primer for Paint Adhesion and other topcoats