Quality Assurance

TThe most precise of all foundry processes, die casting, gives the most consistent part-to-part repeatability. SKS enhances this precision with our own capabilities in secondary machining, coupled with our "in-process" quality assurance program. This means we can maintain the highest quality standards and meet the most exacting requirements. Quality assurance and statistical process control systems are designed to fulfill all major customer quality requirements.

Realizing that compliance with ISO standards will have a major influence in manufacturing and quality control in the years ahead, SKS has gone through a rigorous ISO 9002 certification program. SKS is recognized by both existing and potential customers as an established quality supplier with superior procedures and processes, as well as highly trained personnel.

The ISO program encouraged SKS to review and analyze our way of doing business. Discussions with employees enabled us to exchange information and share knowledge. The interchange of ideas and the spirit of cooperation were helpful in creating guidelines on how to be effective and efficient while avoiding potential problems. SKS standardized and improved its system of operation from start to finish. Concise and clearly defined procedural guidelines were established for every SKS department. Strict adherence to the guidelines and up-to-date documentation mean that each project can be accurately tracked as it moves between departments, ensuring continuing quality and cost effectiveness. Because of the exacting ISO standards, quality assurance is virtually certain at every level, from our employee training programs to the stages of project development. From the President of SKS to every employee, there is a commitment to excellence.

Quality Assurance Equipment List